I went to Osyoro-maru on 17-20 November stay over 3 nights on the ship. The ship was going to north pacific ocean at the east direction. Then more than 70% of member had sea sick from high wave (around 5 meters) at that place. So, The Osyoro-maru was turning back to low wave area for we could rest at Hakodate bay. During the four days, there are many activities for students to learn. There are several classes such as Introduction to plankton. We collected plankton samples from the sea for identification family of them. 

Picture of plankton from the sea under microscope.

       Next class is the contribution of genetic to aquaculture products to enhance the quality and productivity of fish from aquaculture. And the last activities to be mention is the squid jigging. We start at night from a description of the method for jigging and components of jigging tools. Thence, we took squid jigging tool and try to catch them. 

Unhappiness squid

       The squid did we get used for study the structure of squid on next day. We got more knowledge and experience from four day on Osyoro-maru
                                                                                                                                  Chak Aranyakanont

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