During 13-14 December, I tryed to play snowboarding at Kiroro resort nearby Sapporo. I was departure from Hakodate by bus on midnight of 13, and arrived to Sapporo on the morning of 14 for meeting with the Thai student in Hokkaido club. Then we ride the bus around 1 hour to Kiroro ski resort, which is a favorite place for tourists to play ski and snowboard. 

       There are a lot of ski playing devices such as ski, snowboard, goggles, glove and sweater for sell or rent, including with delicious restaurant and Onsen for treat after skiing is finished. Thailand students who have experience in snowboard teach to beginner to step by step such as  how to use snowboard equipments, how to down without injury, how to enter the elevator to the top of ski run, how to brake a snowboard and etc. After two day at Kiroro that I downed on snow more than 50 times now, I can play snowboarding a little more.

                                                                                            Chak Aranyakanont

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