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Good afternoon everyone,

I'm Santi from Thailand. On Nov17 - Nov20, I joined short term On-board training on Oshoro-maru. This is first time for ship training. When the ship leave from Hakodate bay, I was seasick immediately. I must eat medicine and sleep. I studied about rope technical, plankton identification, CTD ocean observation and squid jigging on the ship. The meal on ship very delicious which I like beef steak. I received new knowledge from this training. This is great experience for me. Thank you.


My pretty friends on ship ^^

Beef steak

A living squid

Plankton class by John Bower-sensei

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Three students from Kasetsart University (Thailand) go to sea!

During November 18-20, 2013, three students in the PARE Program from Kasetsart University (Chanadda Kasamechotchung, Chak Aranyakanont, and Santi Pannusa) participated in an educational cruise aboard Hokkaido University’s training vessel “Oshoro Maru”. 

Activities during the cruise included plankton sampling, oceanographic sampling, navigation, ropework, squid dissection and squid jigging! 
Chak Aranyakanont
Chanadda Kasamechotchung (right)

Santi Pannusa

The weather was rough at times, but everyone had a great experience at sea.
Oceanographic data collection (CTD)

Observing plankton

Japanese flying squid (スルメイカ)

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2nd Report by 22 Nov 2013

Hi dearest reader…

Here are some my activities I had in the last two weeks. On the second week of November 2013, I and four friends had a chance to give presentation in environmental ethics class. Subject of the presentation was related to relation between application of logical thinking and normative discussion on the analysis of “Darwin’s nightmare”. Our problem statement on that presentation was social inequality.
On 8th Nov 2013, all of member of CENSUS (center for sustainability) attended award ceremony of Sustainability Research Poster Contest. You can find details article about it in Hokkaido University homepage: One of our lab members namely Mr. Devon was given award in outstanding presentation category on the subject of human well-being.
On 19th Nov 2013 I wrote an article about winter in Hokkaido for the Indonesian Student Association homepage. You can find it here:

On 21st Nov 2013, I and some member of CENSUS attended the first Sustainability Environmental Leader Summit which took place in Conference Hall of Hokkaido University. The aim of this event was to provide an opportunity for stimulating networking of alumni communities of Environmental Leader programs in respective universities, including Census Special coordinated training program for Sustainability Leaders and Sustainability Meisters: StraSS program at Hokkaido University. On the event, universities representation came from Tsukuba, Hiroshima, Tokyo etc.

On 23-24 nov 2013 I will visit Hakodate to attend event of final presentation by participants of ECOSUS Aqua and will share the experience in my next report.

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Good evening,

In this week. I have been a lot of good and exciting experience when I went to

the Oshoromaru onbroad training during 17 - 20 Nov. 2013.

It have sereral activity sample lecture, sailing, collect plankton,

water quality (salinity, temperature etc.) by LCD, squid jigging and squid dissection.

                                                    Oshoromaru ship

                                                    Collect plankton 1

                                          Collect plankton 2 (plankton net)

                                                      Collect plankton 3


                                                      Water quality (LCD)

                                                      Squid dissection 1

                                                      Squid dissection 2


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Yes, now I already live in here for 4 months and I already my research in here.Well, about my research I just continue my lab mate's work in here. Maybe because I still not familiar with the software so I still fail to analyze something and I just have 3 months to finish that research. Luckily, my Sensei understands about my situation. Even though like that I don't want to make him disappointed so I have to more hard work again.   頑張って.....^^
In this program I take 11 credits that's why I also can't really focus on my research. Some of my subject have already finished in this week but I have to prepare for a final and mid exam for next week. Yeah, at the first time my Sensei also surprise after  hear I will take 14 credits. Now, I realize why he is so surprise because my research  need 3-6 hours for once analyze and I also have to attend the class with some assignment. But, I have to keep my spirit to finish this research and don't make disappointed.

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Sampling and Loy Krathong festival

Last Thursday, I sampled at the rice field in this campus with some member in my laboratory. After that we went to the insect museum near the rice field. We could watch various insects. Some insects are colorful, beautiful, cute and cool, and other insects are harsh and frightening.

Last Saturday, I went to Loy Krathong festival in Kamphaeng Sean campus. In this festival, people pray for water and purify themselves. This is held at the night with full moon on November in every place in Thailand. Loy Krathong may resemble Tsuki-mi in Japan. People floated lanterns decorated with candles, joss sticks and flowers and did let paper balloon fly. The balloon was large as two times as human’s trunk. It flew by the heat of fire. When it flew higher, it looked like red star. Many balloons flew and the scene was beautiful.

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three weeks have passed

Hello, long time no see, Hirose desu. Have passed three weeks since I arrived, but I cannot go to sea (ta lee) which is my dream. In Thai, because of car-oriented society, I can’t go far through bridges. I wish my dream comes true someday.
Now I will introduce my subject and others about life. At first, my subject is to extraction the materials applied for environmental solution from mycobacteria. In Thai cassava is very famous (Though I have never eaten). So we have the gavage from cassava. But there is microorganism on the gavage. So my plan is to extract the materials from the organism.
And about my life, I got used to eat thai foods. They are so hot, not warmed and have particular smell. And Thai people seem to dislike the KOGE; a overcooked part and the clerk remove them by scissors. I often have trouble to explain how delicious it is.
 Now I have trouble to learn Thai language. It is difficult to pronounce, so I can’t communicate with friends, but I always have troubles against everyone. So I would like to learn it early. 

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2nd Report of November 2013 to PARE

Good morning all. This is my 2nd report of November. 
How' s the weather ? I was so excited. Oh! It' s snow. This s my first time seeing snow. It looked quite magical seeing the little flakes floating down from the sky. The winter season seem to be coming soon. So, I didn' t forget to take photos and share them of my first snow experience. And one more opportunity for me that is I had seen and tasted the famous seafoods from Norway and Finland like caviar eggs product, marinated fishes, smoked salmon, etc. Finally, I would like to showed my photos to u all.

The seafoods from Norway and Finland.

It' s snowing.

See u on next report,
Ms.Naruemon Jommark

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My first birthday in Japan

Morning all
Ganbatte kudasai!!!

In this report , I want to share about my activities and experiences in this beautiful November.
Everyday except Sunday, I went through college and doing experiments in the laboratory. As usual, I had to leave at 9 am and return at 10 or 11 pmstrong japanese culture. 


This month my first time to see and feel the snow that I had never felt before. Awesome!!
I am taking some pictures, walking, playing, touching , and writing my name "cahyo" in snow like a child. It's very amazing for me..he..he..he..

When the snow comes, my ears and my nose feels hurt and I have to wear more than one cloths. Interestingly, I still use the bike when go to campus. Many people look at me with a surprised expression. Maybe in their hearts, they're looking at a freak people. I know this is very dangerous, but on that day I was late so I use the bike for become ontime.

Beside that, this month I also celebrated my birthday on November 5th and this is the first time my birthday in another country. It is an amazing experience and I get a very beautiful gift from my lab mate, which is to go karaoke together. They are pay all and I was not allowed to pay.My Japanese friend are so kind. It all took turns singing Japanese songs, while I was singing in English because "Watashi wa Nihon-go wakarimasen".hehehe..

Maybe that's all my report for this term, thank you very much for reading and Ganbatte kudasai all!!!!

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The other day, in the morning, my orthodontic equipment was broken and it became difficult to eat something. In that day, I had plan to meet Vanessa, who is participant of PARE Summer School in Hokkaido, so I explained situation and asked about a dental clinic around here.
 Then, a miracle occurred.
She said, “Actually, my mom is dentist”.
 Wow!! Amazing! I’m sooooo lucky!

So that evening we went to Vanessa’s house, and I had treatment for my equipment.

Moreover, after finished treatment, I was entertained with Indonesian home cooking from Vanessa’s mother! It was great!!

I could spend a great day because of kindness people. Thank you very much!

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Hallo everybody, hopefully you still have time for reading my posting. This is just a light reading for PARE student to refresh from our routine activities. 

Food sometimes becomes a big problem if someone goes to abroad. For foreigner student, cooking ability is needed. Some dormitory in Hokkaido like Kita 8 east (the place that I stay now) provide a communal kitchen for tenant, so if you cannot enjoy the Japanese food, you can cook by yourself. Saturday and Sunday usually is cooking time for some Indonesian student in the dorm. In this posting, I will tell you about our cooking experience in the dormitory. 

Indonesia is a country that consists of more than 300 ethnic groups; therefore we can find too many kind of cuisine. Fish head curry (Bahasa: Gulai kepala ikan) is a famous one.  That was why I and my Indonesian friends really want to cook it. It was started from hunting “fish head” in fresh mart shop. Actually it is little bit difficult for getting fish head in Japan. The fresh shop usually sells fish in a whole form or fillet form. That was the challenge for us how to get fish head, I tried to say to the sales person that we wanted to buy some fish head. Oh my God, the second problem occurred he cannot speak English. I tried and tried to explain many times, even had to use the body language, “my right hand held my head and my left hand appointed the fish”. It was difficult instead, fortunately I remembered that I have smart phone with Nihonggo application. I typed “head” the translation become “ATAMA” and “SAKANA” for fish. I said “ATAMA SAKANA” the sales person have nod his head with a smile (I did not understand what was the meaning of his smile). He accompanied us to the kitchen and showed the thing that we find and “hurray” finally we got it.

Fish head curry Ala Kita 8 east dorm
No need a long time for cooking the curry; all seasoning easily can be got in Indonesian food shop near Kita 14.  Around 8 pm it already finished and the curry ready to be eaten, eehhhmmm yummy. Even though the taste not like my wife’s cooking but at least it could cure our homesickness. However I was still curious about sales person’s smile. In the next day I asked to my Japanese friend in my laboratory, how to say “fish head” in Nihonggo, he said “SAKANA NO ATAMA”….aaahhhh I know what was the meaning of his (sales person) smile…

Thank you for reading my posting …CU    

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