PARE report of early February

PARE report of early February.

Last month of staying, lovely February, in Sapporo has come. Some great agendas have waited for me in this month started by playing ski with Tanaka sensei and Indonesian friends, contributing in HISAS a week later and watching great snow Sapporo festival. Among those agenda are really exciting for me.

Especially for playing ski that I did yesterday, I recently realized that playing ski is not easy as I imagined for long. It needs a special skill that should be trained often. Therefore, the first experience playing ski made me sliding on and on. It also happened to my two Indonesian friends. Up and down was the real exercise which we got.
We played ski definitely called as walking ski approximately for three hours. We followed the long track about two km that surrounding the beautiful park. In the beginning of playing ski we always got trouble to control the ski board causing up and down much of the time. In addition the cold weather made our hands freezing for a while. However the great exercise surrounded the ski track made us really in sweat.  

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