Good afternoon everyone,
                I contacted Ms.Imano for inquiries and bookings the Onuma Hakodate Snow & Ice Festival. The five Thai students went to JR Onuma-park station for participation the Onuma Hakodate Snow & Ice Festival and maked the ice statue on January the 26th. I thought, we were first groups for making ice statue because we did not see the complete ice statues. We saw many big ice cubes. That day was very ~ very cold and sometime had stong wind. I weared many clothes with glove, cap and boots. This was my first time for making the ice statue.
                Let’s make ice statue! We maked a horse because this year is Horse's year. The our ice statue did not look like horse but it similar cow or dragon. I concluded, we make a dragon's head. We maked the our ice statue for 3 hours. We had lunch with Ms. Imano and she paid money for our lunch. Thank you Ms. Inamo. We were very happy and funny. While we were going to our dormitory, we encountered the strong wind or snow storm. It was very cold and freeze. The awards ceremony of the snow sculpture was held on the yesterday (Febuary 2nd). I can not go to Onuma because I got a cold.
Thank you,

PANNUSA Santi, Kasetsart University, THAILAND.

Onuma Hakodate Snow & Ice Festival

The our ice statue (Dragon head)

We were happy 

I was slipping ^^

I think, It was snow storm >,<

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