Without I realized I almost stayed in Japan for 7 months. It means that I have to go back my country two weeks later. Also, this is my last report. As you know, in this program I take a lot of credits and also I do some research in here. From this program and university, I learned many things. Not only about my specialty but also lesson about life. The first time, I come as student in engineering I thought I can't follow the way of life of Japanese people, especially on the job. They work as hard as possible to get the best result for their work. But when I do my research and my class, I also try like what they are doing.

I already finished my research and my course in here. This week is the hardest week for me and my lab mates. Some of my lab mates who are undergraduate student had defense their thesis at Monday. Also, me had rehearsal and final presentation for my laboratory at Wednesday.

For my final presentation, My laboratory and Dewa's laboratory joined for rehearsal presentation and our last presentation for our laboratory. Today, my lab mates who are master students had their defense and they will prepare for their work. Because of that, Sensei held "weld done job" for my lab mates also farewell party for me. Even though it's earlier than my date for go back to Indonesia but I feel so happy and sad because I happy met with them and don't really want to separate from my lab mates. Also, today they give me valentine's day and farewell present. When I received that give I feel sad and make me realize of my departure time.

Through this opportunity, I would like say thank you for PARE Committee who always make sure and support my life in Sapporo. Also, because of this program, I met with nice Sensei and lab mates who really care to me.   I am very pleased meet with you all. See you again next chance ....

皆さん どうもありがとうございました
皆さん いろいろ お世話 に なりました。大変 ありがとう ございました。 

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