New spirit on february

Good afternoon all
Lovely February in Sapporo has come. This month  I started my activity always with experiment and in last Sunday I spent my holiday by playing ski with Tanaka sensei and Indonesian friends. But, thats not real ski, just walking ski in Maeda Forest Park. Playing ski is not easy as I imagined before. It needs a special skill that should be trained often. Therefore, the first experience playing ski made me sliding on and on. We had to climb, slide down  and walkin. It is very interesting and I can just say in one word, "SUGOIIIIII"!!! Its my first time and I am enjoy it.

In this Saturday also, I will join HISAS conference and I became one of the participants in which had to do an oral presentation. So, this week I am very busy, doing my experiment and preparing my presentation. Ganbatte!!!

I hope you have a nice day and thank you for reading my report

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