The Last Report

Hey, how are you all?

Lately, I have many exams and reports. Last week i have 2, and also this week I also have 2. So it is many. But good thing is some class do not give final exam or report. Therefore, I am very happy with my decision to take such classes. But now, i have already finished all my exams and reports/

With these exams and reports, my research work is currently halted. I achieve no progress at all.

And time flies like an arrow, isn't it?

In less than a month, I will be arrive in indonesia again. My home country.

Of course Japan is very great. It is well developed country and the people are good and very polite. But, i really miss Indonesia, even though Indonesian wouldn't miss me. LOL

I also start to receive order from my friends and relatives in Indonesia to buy them gift from Japan. All of them want snack called Tokyo Banana. Until now, i can't find tokyo banana anywhere in sapporo. But maybe later, if I went to tokyo, i will find tokyo banana. If i'm not wrong, there are 12 peoples that want that Tokyo banana. I wonder how does it taste.

Also, lately the weather is very great. It is sunny, but it is also chilly like winter. It is really great to go out in this kind of weather.

So that's all from me now.

Good bye and good luck,

Rudini Wirawan Sudewa

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