March and October are the graduation period in Hokkaido University. In this March, eight students from Soil Science laboratory will be graduated, one is from Doctoral course, four are from Master Course and the remaining is from undergraduate. On last Monday I attended Doctoral oral defense. There was something difference in defense, the presenter only presented 30 minutes and 20 minutes for discussion. The next ten minutes the committee discussed and announced “It is OK” which means the presenter is already pursued his PhD. In My country oral defense usually takes time around two hours. It consists of close and open defense. Occasionally it becomes “the thriller thing” for some doctor candidates. 

I also attended master defense on Friday February 7th, In Master defense time for presentation only 15 minutes and 10 minutes for discussing. The situation in Master defense is a little bit different than PhD. All master candidates from one division (not only our laboratory) presented in the same place and the same day. 

As usual, after the presentation, a party was arranged for celebrating the successful of their effort to pursue PhD and Master degree. Congratulation.

Thank you for reading my posting…C..U

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