Nearly final report

Good evening, all.

This is a nearly final report to PARE program because the end of program period is coming soon. The experimental designed in a small project was my activity for last week. I had studied on denaturation of myofibrillar protein especially myosin in frozen shrimp meat by ATPase activity. This an index for determine the quality of shrimp products to be human foods. After the experiment already finished I think I will get many ideas, good at technique skill and ready to apply these in my future researchs. On weekend with my friends, we used lunchtime in an indian restaurant nearby Hakodate campus. And we also had attended to build a snowman at Onuma Lake area.

The snowman with my friends at Onuma Lake area.
See you soon,
Ms. Naruemon Jommark
Kasetsart Univ., Thailand

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