My last report

Having enjoyed Yukimatsuri festival was the great experience of this month. Looking at some great carved ice art such as nice castle, animation figure, and great building was made by all participants both coming from some Japan areas and coming from overseas such as Australia, Europa, US and some other Asian areas. 

Curved ice of castle like
Curved ice of castle like

Curve ice of animation figure
Curve ice of cartoon figure

People enjoyed the sold food
Provided food stand
Besides, I also participated in holding International conference held by Indonesian students called as HISAS 11th. This event was aimed to communicate the research progress under sustainability frame work and exchange ideas across multidisciplinary areas, to build holistic view of scientific and technological development under sustainability frame work, to contribute for current Indonesia’s development and to enhance networking and collaboration between Indonesian and International community.

Indonesian ambassador delegation
All participant in photo session

KBRI delegation
Sponsor gift accepting committee
This event was followed by Indonesian student both studying in Indonesian university and japan university. Sharing and building network each other is main purpose of this program.

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