Last week was very incredible experience for me, met amazing guests from two universities. Dr. Salimur Rahman, he is a professor for Arabic language in Chuo university of Tokyo. He came to Sapporo mosque and talked about Islam in Japan. He said that Japan is a country that has been very kind and has open-mind people. It very supports moslem people in Japan to worship. One thing that makes him feel compassion was when his student in the class reminded him when the prayer time is coming and they also willing to wait after he finished his prayers. Sometimes I felt the same situation in my laboratory particularly to remind me for worship.

Another guest came from Sidney University staff to agriculture faculty Hokudai. She wants to know about the experiences of foreign students in Hokudai. Koike Sensei from Forest Science department Hokudai also accompanied us. They were very impressed about Hokkaido University.         

Thank you for reading my posting…CU

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