The deep-sea fish

Good morning everyone,

                I visited the Fisheries Museum in Hakodate Campus. There are the specimen of algae, shellfish and fishes in the museum. I was interested in only fishes especially the deep-sea fishes because they are the mystery fish and very rare. I think, the university in Thailand don't study about the biology of deep-sea fish. We usually study about biology of freshwater fish and aquaculture. The character of deep-sea fish such as large mouth, long shape tooth, luminous organ, etc. The most species are black body. In Japan, some species of deep-sea fishes are eatable such as lantern fish. I don't see the lantern fish in museum. I would like to eat the lantern fish but I never see it in supermarket.

The deep-sea fishes
The anglerfish
                In this museum, I like a oarfish (Regalecus russellii) which it is a good specimen. The white body of oarfish is very long and very compress. The dorsal fin is red and very long. The pelvic fins are very long filament. The mouth is small. I think, the oarfish in this museum is juvenile fish because it is small size (2 m). someone in Thailand think, it is giant serpent or the king of Naga. They hallow the oarfish's picture because they never see the oarfish.

The oarfish in the museum
Thai think, the oarfish look like the king of Naga.
Someone hallow this picture which it is the oarfish.

                The three Thai students will go to the Sapporo Campus in March 6th for the final presentation. After that, we will get back to Thailand on March 8th which we will stay in Saporo for 2 days. See you on the March 6th.
Thank you,
PANNUSA Santi, Kasetsart University, THAILAND

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