Farewell Party of Environmental Geology Laboratory

Hello Everyone!

Last week, i had finished to present final thesis research and experiences in Japan in front of Otake Sensei, Sato Sensei, and all of members of Environmental Geology Laboratory. They were very satisfied of my experiment results. Sato Sensei said, "Rani, please come back to Japan if you want to continue your study". It was so surprise for me. It made me realize that they were really appreciate of my working during in laboratory. Sato Sensei suggested to me that i must see the relationship between the regional tectonic and the result of laboratory. After that, i also presented the experiences in Japan. In that occasion, i told many stories about Japan. I told about traveling, dancing, and living in Sapporo. Thanks God, i have many experiences in my life. 

And then i saw the master defense in my laboratory. Some labmates in Environmental Geology had already finished the final presentation. Congratulation for Ueda-san, Yasumoto-san, Haruko-san, Yamane-san, and Nina-san for the good work. You were so cool!
After master defense

To celebrate the good work, we went to Jo-zankei. I went with all of the members of Environmental Geology Laboratory include Otake Sensei, Sato Sensei, and alumni. In this party, i saw the Japanese Culture. They gave gift each other, because some students will leave Hokkaido University to work in company. They are not only giving the gift each other, but also dancing J-Pop in front of us. It was so entertaining. In Jo-zankei, i also tried to soak in hot spring. Japanese called it "Onsen". Ueda-san invited me to try it. It was the first time, i soaked in hot spring. After that, we used Yukata together.

I used Yukata after soaking in hot spring

After farewell party at Jo-zankei

This is the end my story in Pare Blog. Thanks for PARE Program that i have a lot of experiences in Japan both of academic and non-academic. See you next time ^^

Cheers Up,
Tri Rani Puji Astuti

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