Hello every one.

     I wanna tell you about my new experience in "Yukimatsui Festival" at Sapporo.

 I was travelling to the this area unit morning to midnight. The first I went to

Tanuki koji shopping Arcdae. It is Sapporo's oldest shopping area, dating from

the late 1800's and very popular for groups to tourists.

                                    Tanuki koji shopping Arcdae

         The second I went to Former Hokkaido Prefectural office Building and

 The Sapporo Clock Tower. Afterward I went to The Historical Village of 

Hokkaido that is typical of the frontier period of Hokkaido during 19 th to

early 20 th century. I like this place very much  because it has to know

the story of the island.

Former Hokkaido Prefectural office Building

The Sapporo Clock Tower  (とけいだい)

                                    Historical village of Hokkaido

     The last tips I went to the Sappro white llumination and Yukimatsui Festival

are so beautiful. It was the great experience of my life. Looking at some

great carved ice art such as nice castle, animation and buliding.

                                   The  Sappro white llumination

                                    The Yukimatsui Festival


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