Weekend Trip to Tidung Island


Last weekend, I went to Tidung Island, one of the Pulau Seribu (Thousand Island) with 4 Indonesian students, 3 Thai students, and 4 Japanese students.
We left campus at 3 am, and arrived in Tidung Island at 11 am. We used several transportation, angkot, train, tricycle taxi, and ferry. In the ferry, we had twice engine trouble and heavy leak in the roof. It was tough trip.

After finishing lunch, we enjoyed playing snorkeling and banana boat. It was my first time to do snorkeling, so it took a few minutes to get used to it.

Next morning, we went out at 5:30 to see sunrise, but we couldn’t, because of cloudy weather.

It was so exiting trip, because there were a lot of new things for me, even though we couldn’t see great view because of cloudy or rainy weather.

Finally I have one question. Where is the boundary line between Jakarta bay and ocean beside Tidung Island? I can’t believe they are connected.

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