Last report

Hallo everyone
It's very sad to say but this is the fact. This month is the last month for me in Sapporo. I had to return to Indonesia, my  belove country. I started to love life in sapporo, but within 6 months it runs so fast.
I felt just yesterday arrived in sapporo, but next month I had go.
This is my last report in this blog. I just want to share some of my activity that I did last month and this month.

Actually, I still make experiment in my laboratory, I should finished all before return to Indonesia. Beside that, this month I enjoyed Yukimatsuri festival. It was the great experience of this month. Looking at some great carved ice art such as nice castle, animation figure, and great building was made by all participants. I went to thos festival 2 times, 1st with my Indonesian friends, and 2nd with my lab mates. Its very amazing and very cold. I will always remember that.

Besides, I also participated in holding International conference held by Indonesian students called as HISAS 11th. This event was aimed to communicate the research progress under sustainability frame work and exchange ideas across multidisciplinary areas, to build holistic view of scientific and technological development under sustainability frame work, to contribute for current Indonesia’s development and to enhance networking and collaboration between Indonesian and International community. In this event, I became a participant and commitee. I presented my research project in Indonesia, about Application of  Green Chemistry in Organic Synthesis.

I think thats all. Thank you for your attention and see you on another occasion. I am really happy join PARE programs.

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