Good Result

Hello everyone!

Time flies. One month remaining before i come back to Indonesia. I must finish my research well. I am so happy, because X-ray Diffraction analysis has done. Last week i had discussed with Otake Sensei and Sato Sensei. They were satisfied of my result. Sato Sensei said, "Rani, congratulation because your result is so excelent". I was so happy. If i remember last month, i had to do again my experiment because the result was not good. I did the experiment during the other students celebrated the winter break. But for me, i must come to the laboratory for doing the experiment. Now, the result is good. So, it is like a gift after struggling the experiment.

After doing the X-Ray Diffraction, my last method is Scanning Electrone Microscope. I am still doing the experiment. Last week, i had tried the equipment but unfortunately the equipment was not good for my sample. I couldn't see the image in computer well. Because the resolution of SEM's equipment was not suitable for my sample. So that why, Otake Sensei suggest to my taking care for reservation the other equipment. I hope, SEM analysis can finish as well as XRD analysis. So, after coming to Indonesia, i can be graduated soon from Universitas Gadjah Mada and become Master of Engineering. 

Cheers Up.
Tri Rani Puji Astuti

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