Second report in January

Dear minasan,

This is my second report for PARE in January.
On January 15, I attend the lecture from Prof. Hanny Wijaya about utilization of natural sources and local wisdom in functional food innovation. That was a great lecture, and she also bring a lot of Indonesian food and drink for class. I felt like I was home, she gave us crackers, sambal, kecap, and also Indonesian typical drink (STMJ (susu,telur,madu,jahe) with ginger).

The day before the lecture, I had a discussion with Hanny Sensei and Hashidoko sense about my research, because as you know that I just have 1 month left for this program and I should finish my research here. Next month will be a busy month for me, I hope everything going well and I hope you will have a good time too. Ganbarou... ^^
On January 21, I had dinner with my lab mate in a soup kare restaurant. We honestly want to have a dinner in Indonesian restaurant, but the shopkeeper was sick on that day. So, we decided to go to a soup kare restaurant and also on January 14, I had dinner with my Korean friends in my dormitory. My Korean friends made some Korean food, and I also made Indonesian food too.

On January 25, I and another Indonesian student went into the Korean night. We presented as usually the traditional dance from Indonesia. We proud to be Indonesian, we can introduce our traditional dance while the other presenting the K-pop dance.

See you on the next report.

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