At last, the date I must go back to Japan is coming. For this three months, I seemed to forget small meaningless troubles and enjoyed myself. Honest speaking, the Thai language word I learned at first was “tired”. But I am feeling happy so I think it is no problem for something like study. However due to have various experiences, I didn’t decline everyone’s offer, which was so tired. And I went to various places to absorb Thai culture only to know its depth. Even if that is true, I thought I could feel happy and satisfied myself.
 About my research field, I could manage to have the result because I took as many efforts as possible (real possibility). I had some troubles with growing the fungi because I didn’t get used to treat with creature. Originally I didn’t have any plan, which seemed to be one of the reasons. But since I could gain something I didn’t know, I could still gain the result. NTL, it may be small result. But I think challenge has the meaning.

 Finally I’d like to appreciate for the program staffs. Thank you for giving me a free hand.

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