2013 to 2014

Happy new year!

This was my first time to spend end of the year and beginning of the year in foreign country.
Only January 1st was holiday, so I couldn’t feel any specialty like in Japan.

But, I had special schedule on 31st and 1st.
On December 31st, we held barbecue party in Darmawan sensei’s house. His family and a lot of students had join the party. We enjoyed eating, talking, and dancing. The time we greet the New Year, we could see fireworks from every directions.

The next day (New Year’s day), Dr. Darmawan and Dr. Suwardi brought me and other students to field tour from 7 in the morning. The traffic was very smooth because people were still sleeping I guess. We visited a residential area and rice field. In the rice field, we conducted soil sampling for another Japanese student. It was busiest New Year’s day I’ve ever spent.

2014 will be busy year I think...

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