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     Today, I would like to say "Happy new year, wishing you good times, good health, good cheer, and a very happy". This is my first time for new-year celebration in Japan. I' m lived here for 3 months ago. Although,  I often miss my hometown, I'm still happy every days and impressive with snow season.
     I went to Goryokaku Tower on the last weekend with a my friend. The weather was very cold and windy. We got in the tower for looking the top view of the Fort Goryokaku. The height of tower is 107 meters. The everything of Hakodate city were covered many snow . I think, It was beautiful. We bought some Souvenirs such as sword-bunch, post cards and Marimo algae. I was happy and funny.

The short histrory of The Fort Goryokaku
     The Fort Goryokaku was star-shaped. The construction was began in 1857 by many professional tradesman and laborers gathered from all over Japan. After 7 years of construction, the Fort Goryokaku was essentially completed in 1864. The Fort Goryokaku is a important historical landmark because the Hakodate War happen here. wase Fort Goryokakuonal trades  Goryokaku on

Thank you,

PANNUSA Santi, Kasetsart University, THAILAND.


The Fort Goryokaku

Hakodate Mountain

Hakodate City

Souvenir Shop

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