Good morning every one,

                On January 11th-12th, I had a big seminar within my laboratory (Matsuishi-ken) . We called "Intensive Morphometric Seminar" because we had this seminar for 2 days. This seminar was about the book of Morphometrics with R. We had 7 Participants including Matsuishi-sensei . The each participants  maked a english presentation in each chapters and demonstration of program R.
                Program R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. We can use R for statistical analysis in fisheries science. I presented chapter 3 " Traditional Statistics for Morphometrics". I think, it very hard for me. I used the time for 3 hours because we had some questions during seminar. This seminar was very serious. Matsuishi-sensei understood in this situation. He had meny sweets, tea and coffee during seminar and said "The seminer should be relax". He was very kind and I was very happy.use we havecause we have some answered
                After seminar, I had gained many knowledge from this seminar. I understood about statistical theory and application in my thesis. Matsuishi-sensei suggest me for writing the result of my thesis.Thank you every one in Matsuishi-ken.

Thank you,

PANNUSA Santi, Kasetsart University, THAILAND.

The book for seminar

Program R

Cluster analysis

Sweets and drinks ^^

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