Happy New year

Dear minasan,

I hope all of you have a new spirit and good resolution in 2014. Happy new year all. “Selamat tahun baru 2014”. This is my first report in January.

On January 1st I went to the Hokkaido temple which located near a Maruyama park with my friend to see how Japanese people spent their new year’s. Hokkaido Jingu is the largest temple in Hokkaido. I saw a lot of people in there. Most of them spent a time to pray, take an omikuji and buy charms.
I tried to take omikuji too, and guess what I got? I got a “daikichi” word on my omikuji paper. I don’t know exactly the meaning. But, my friend said that I got the best luck. How lucky I am.. ^^
On January 2nd - 5th  , I spent my time to prepare my presentation on January 7th. But in the middle my busy time to prepare the presentation. I went to my Japanese friend apartment with my Indonesian friend to make a scarf and hat. My Japanese friend teach me how to make a scarf and hat using a sewing machine. That is an awesome experience.

On January 7th (Presentation day), I had a change to present one of paper which related to my research in an Ecological chemistry laboratory seminar. I am very grateful I got that change, because we did a lot of discussion to review my paper selection, and I also got many advices to my research.  
In Agriculture faculty in January 10th, we had a Sinenkai party for foreign student. Indonesia student had a change to prepare Indonesian dishes to all of International students in Agriculture faculty. We made “Bakso” Indonesian meat balls.  We started to make it from 10 am, finished at 4 pm and served at 5 pm. That was an amazing day.

I and Wahyu (Indonesian student) also presented an acoustical performance on Sinenkai. I sang some of Indonesian and western songs and Wahyu played his guitar. We enjoyed the party because we can make interaction with students from another country, taste the food and see the performance.

 See you on the next report. 

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