Happy New Year

Hello everyone...

Happy new year for you all..
I wanted to share my experience in this First January 2014.
This month , all the people in Japan celebrate the New Year holiday, which begins on December 28, 2013 until January 5, 2014 . Maybe everyone celebrating the holiday , but I still have to study in the laboratory. I'm just off on December 31 and January 1st . This is because I have to do the experiment for completing my research projects related to the PARE program . End of February , my research project must be completed, because March 9th, I must go back to Indonesia .But I do not make it a burden . I made ​​this as a challenge and trigger the spirit for finished my research .
In addition , I passed New Year's Eve abroad for the first time . However , New Year's Eve here is very different in Indonesia . In Indonesia , New Year's Eve is celebrated with festive . All the people gathered in city centers , blew a horn , make fireworks , cooking grilled corn and a variety of other activities . However , in Sapporo, it was very quiet . I walk around to odori at 9 pm to 1 night but no party . Maybe there is a difference in traditions or celebrate any other way I know less so . But this is a very valuable experience . Thank you PARE Program.

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