Happy New Year 2014

Hello everyone!

Happy New Year 2014! Wish the best for us. I wanna tell you about my experience during holiday in Hokkaido University. It was the first time to celebrate New Year Eve in Japan. That was sounds cool. On 31th December i had two activities which was wonderful for me. The first i went to Doraemon Waku-Waku Park in New Chitose together with Intan, Lina, Lea, Ito, Loide, Kimmy, and others. So excited! As we know that Doraemon is one of famous cartoon in Indonesia. 

I tried a lot of games of Doraemon. In the park, i also took pictures which were very interesting. One of the corners side in the park showed the comic collection of Doraemon with having different language. And also we could find Doraemon and family's 3D picture. It was so refresh my mind. I just played like a child who didn't have responsibilities of working. Nice!

Doraemon Waku-Waku Sky Park

I took picture with Doraemon and family

We are really like Nobita and Giant at 3D's room (with Kimmy)

With Intan, Loide, Lina, Lea, Kimmy, and Ito at Doraemon Waku-Waku Sky Park

After that, we tried to get the lunch in Dora Cafe. I saw the display of food in the front of cafe that was so interesting. I tasted spaghetti and Apple juice. So Yummy! Oishi desu ne ^^

Spaghetti's Dora

My party for New Year Eve not only in Doraemon Waku-Waku Sky Park, but also in Febrina's apartement. My friend invited me to join the New Year's party. We cooked Indonesian food like Soto, sate, and so on. My friend's apartement is not far for my dormitory. So that's why, i wanna join the party. I came to the Febrina's apartement at 7 pm. We prepared all of the stuff to cook the food. So happy because i could taste the Indonesian food again after 3 months in Sapporo. Not only cooking, but also singing together until morning we spent our New Year Eve. Never forget this moment.

Indonesian Food (Soto)

Indonesian Food (Sate)

With Febrina-san, Yustin-san, Lina-san, Sarah-san, and Dhian-san

See you in others story ^^


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