Hello everyone, Happy New Year. I hope you will be fine and enjoy this year. The end of year 2013 in Hakodate was quiet, because some Japanese friends back to hometown for meet with family. I went to the Japanese style temple name Kamedahachimangu, this place is an old and popular in Hakodate. I have got to go long around 30 minute by work from my dormitory on the morning of New Year’s Day. 

There are many people join a queue while I used 50 yen coin to give to charity. Before leave back home, I saw the stall for sell Japanese style charm (Omamori: see the picture above). I want to buy omamori for good lucky, but there are many different colors omamori with kanji written on each one. I can not read kanji, so I used random select one of them. I asked Japanese friend on the next day for meaning of kanji on my omamori. They had big laugh before tell this menning are not lucky. This is a omamori for pregnant women to get baby by safety. I may try to go to Kamedahachimangu again for buy a new omamori for good lucky. 
                                                                                                  Chak Aranyakanont

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