1st Korean Night

Hello Everyone,

How are you? I hope we are in good condition. I realize that January is almost over. It means that i only have one month to finish my thesis research and stay in Sapporo. Ah, i feel so sad. I am happy in comfortable Sapporo. I hope someday, i can come back in here.

Last week, i attended the 1st Korean Night because my team and i performed "Dindin Badindin" dance. It was one of traditional dance from Sumatra Island, Indonesia. My team consisted of seven person (Doddy-san, Della-san, Desi-san, Isma-san, Dila-san, Ari-san, and me). To show the dance, we had practiced almost two weeks. I felt so happy because i could show the dancing in front of Korean people. 

Practice "Dindin Badindin: dance

Our performance in 1st Korean Night (Left-right: Doddy-san, Della-san, Desi-san, Isma-san, me, Dila-san, and Ari-san)

After dancing, we took photo together

During dancing, some audience followed our movement. They were really appreciate of our dancing. It was the expensive experience in Sapporo. We did it best. Really proud to be Indonesian. We love Indonesia! 
What a surprise that we got gift after performance. It was so big for us. Just for celebrate it, we go to the Italian resto to eat together. Thanks for PPI Sapporo has invited me to be a dancer!

We celebrated in Italian Resto after dancing.

See you in next story!

Tri Rani Puji Astuti

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