Welcome New Year

When new year vacation, I went to Doraemon shop with my friends. It's in New Chitose Airport. Actually, I went there because my Indonesian friend asked me to join. After we met in Mister Donut, I realized that I got new friends because my Philippines friend bring her lab mate and another Philippines friends. In airport, we not only went to Doraemon shop but we also went to  Royce and the other shop. In Royce shop we can see about history of chocolate from many countries. Also, we had lunch in Doraemon cafe. 

Actually we had plan for next day for go to Hokkaido temple but I didn't join because suddenly I felt not so well. So, I just end up in dorm and do my research and assignment. After finish the vacation, my laboratory get a lot of souvenir (おみやげ) from my lab mates hometown. Also, they told me in their hometown not so cold like in Hokkaido. I have to leave Hokkaido soon so Sensei ask me to do some research and my the report within short time. So, I have to report it at Tuesday and also 2 weeks again I have final exam for several course.

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