Stay in Jambi - Part 1. Research

Hello, PARE friends. Today, I post my situation in Jambi, Sumatra Island.

In order to conduct my research, I left Bogor in west of Java Island. Now, I have stayed in Jambi for one month and I will stay there until the end of January. Jambi is south east province in Sumatra Island and especially the place I stay is located in coastal area. In November, there were worried by haze problem(thick smoke) due to peat fire during dry season but the rainy season has started and the haze disappeared. 

the place to wash clothes and body
young oil palm along the river
measuring oil palm fruits weight with scale

My research focuses on the greenhouse gas emission from the acid sulfate soil. I take gas and soil samples in order to measure gas emission and controlling factor of the emission in the agricultural field in Jambi. Because the place I stay is coastal area, there has a lot of acid sulfate soil affected sea water. Once the soil got drained, sulfide in the soil got oxidized and produce much amount of sulfate ion (SO42-) then decrease its pH. 

paddy field including oil palm

gas sampling in the paddy

Even though working in the hot agricultural field exhausts me and the live in this place has difference from city area, I will work hard and contribute to this place through suggesting less environmental damage agriculture. See you again.

See you again!

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2 Responses to Stay in Jambi - Part 1. Research

  1. Yoshi-san has beard now?


    1. ありがとうございます!

      Yes. During stay in Jambi, I try to grow my beards because I have to shave after going back to Japan due to job hunting.