Experience Kyushu

Hi, it's Pangpond again....

From 1st - 10th of December this year, I have been to Kyushu University Ito campus in Fukuoka prefecture to attend an "Exchange Seminar".
Fukuoka prefecture is located on Kyushu island, south of Honshu (main island of Japan).

We took many interesting lectures and joined International Symposium on Earth Science and Technology 2015 (CINEST).

We also went to coal mine museum and Mandakoh (which is closed coal underground mine and classified as World Heritage!) for field trip.

We also took our chance to walk around Fukuoka - Hakata city which is 1 hour away from Kyushu University Ito campus.

Yatai is a kind of side-street food stall that can only be found in this area...They provide various kinds of food.

Hakata station and Pokemon center Fukuoka

And the most important thing you shouldn't forget when you visit Hakata is........

H A K A T A     R A M E N
which is Tonkotsu ramen

Specialty of Hakata style ramen is you can also order more noodle and eat more....it's called "Kaedama".

Hope you enjoy my life in Japan


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