Hokkudai no Marine Natural Product Laboratory

It's me again, Fiti ^-^. As I told earlier in my first post Autumn and Hokkaido University, I am now join Okino Sensei laboratory to finish my thesis research. Thankfully, here they have all lab stuff and machine to support marine natural product chemistry. I find it helpful, because there in Indonesia, we have to send our sample somewhere outside campus to have it characterized (LC-MS; HPLC; NMR) and we also have to pay for it. But here its all free, moreover we can use it again and again.

Actually we have some laboratory rooms, but here I will share some photos only from our main laboratory:

washing side
solvent storage
drying machine
solvent waste


As I know, many advanced-measurement equipment in Environmental Earth Science (EES) Faculty are set up and available to use in EVERY laboratory. Since every lab here is belongs to 1 Sensei, soo you can do calculation how many machine are exist here, and its only in EES Faculty..  *.* (consider also for other faculty *.* )

The one that I just realize here is our lab's floor material. It was made from kind of rubber material and was fitted on purpose. So if you dropped your glassware stuff, it will not be broken easily. This is very good for me, since I often drop and break my glassware stuff there in Indonesia..kekekke :p

Floor material was made from kind of rubber

Thanks for stopping by and see you in the next post ^~^

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