Surprising Hokkaido! (part 2)

Hallo everyone...

First of all so sorry for late posting this part.  After 2 months in Sapporo, I felt real life in japan. Especially because it's autumn. Autumn in Japan is famous with the colorful leave. And my friend said here is more beautiful than autumn in Europe. Hahaha:D
Although the temperature was going down week by week, I really enjoy. Many place become very beautiful, especially park. Recommended for photo hunting: p some places are become very beautiful especially park. There are several park that I visited when autumn season come.

Nakajima Park

In campus also, sometimes I saw tourist come to Hokkaido university to take picture in gingko avenue, famous part of campus here. From The main gate of Hokkaido University is an 7-minute walk from Sapporo Station. I’m feel blessed because I can see beautiful color of leaves and enjoying autumn leaves in Hokkaido.
Oh ya, I also enjoy Japanese class with so many homework and quiz almost every day.. hahaha :D meet another student from different country is interesting. fall quater was finished now i continu fall quarter, it will be more challenging. 

Nihonggo class

A week before snow come I went to furano with my laboratory member. It’s quite late if you want to go there. Furano is very famous with its flower garden especially in summer. -.-‘. No problem guys the purposes are different. I went to furano to visit waste treatment facilities. 

Furano is very interesting place, I learn so much especially about waste treatment. In Furano they separate their waste until 14 categories, all of them manage by community and local government. I was surprising with the management system that they apply. We can say it almost zero waste system, because 91-95% waste are recycled.  Here some pictures that I took there :D

RDF Facilities

                                                            composting facilities 

thank you for reading.. 
see you next story =)

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