My story in Japan: Part 1

          Hello. every one, my name is Suntharee Tungsooyyung, you can call me "ICE" ( ICE is my nickname). I come from Thailand. Now, I am take a PARE program in Hokkaido, Japan. This is my first story in this blog. I hope, the reader will enjoy with my articles.

           In April, I join landscape lecture with bachelor and master course students. We went Botanic Garden for learn  plant characteristic and species of each family. Botanic Garden in Sapporo, are historic botanical gardens laid out at the beginning of the city's development in the early years of the Meiji Period in 1886. Around 13.3 hectare site contains over 4,000 plants native to Hokkaido and a museum. We can be enjoyed in spring, summer and autumn. Botanic Garden are the second oldest botanical gardens in Japan after Koishikawa Botanical Garden in Tokyo. The gardens are proudly owned and operated by Hokkaido University. I like this place very much because it look like forest and have many plants different tropical.

                                                              BOTANIC GARDEN


            The museum was built in 1882, known as the Natural History Museum including close to the entrance, dedicated to the lifestyle and culture of the indigenous peoples of Hokkaido ( the Ainu and Uilta) with exhibits collected from the period 1870-1930.
            I want to shown some plant in Botanic Garden for this blog, thus
Glaucidium palmatum

        Next my activity is plant maintenance in Agriculture Field (Hokkaido University) with professors and friends in landscape laboratory every 3 weeks. Agriculture Field have many plant species include native and  breeding plant for learn plant characteristic and genetic conservation.

professors and friends in landscape laboratory.

                                              He cut old  and disease branches using saw.

                                                      We cut a rope after winter season.

                                                     Nursery field have flowering plant



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