Life in Hokkaido ( Hakodate ),Japan.

Hello. every one, Let 's me introduce myself first, my name is Tony, I come from Thailand. now I am take a PARE-long term program in Hakodate (Hokkaido), and this is my first post of story. I have even been to read some history about Hakodate. Hakodate is is a port-city located in Oshima sub-prefecture, Hokkaido. Japan. It is the capital city of Oshima sub-prefecture. Hakodate is a good place for me. and this city has many places for tourism. from I arrive and stay in Hakodate in first day until today, I have many story in Hakodate to every one. but for today, I would like to tell about ยlaces that impressed me at first time in Hakodate. Hakodate has a famous place about " Goryoukaku " On 25 April to 26 April 2015, I went to Goryoukaku.

Goryoukaku is a star fort in the Japanese city of Hakodate on the island of Hokkaido. It was the main fortress of the short-lived Republic of Ezo, and it was designed in 1855 by Takeda Hisaburou. His plan was based on the work of the French architect (Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban)
.It is shaped like a five-pointed star. This allowed for greater numbers of gun emplacements on its walls than a traditional Japanese fortress, and reduced the number of blind spots where a cannon could not fire. The fort was built by the Tokugawa shogunate to protect the Tsugaru Strait against a possible invasion by the Russian fleet.

Today, Goryoukaku is a park. It has been declared a Special Historical Site and is home to the Hakodate city museum. The grounds are a favorite spot for Hanami ( flower viewing, cherry-blossom viewing ) in spring. And Lucky for me about On 3 May to 6 May 2015, I went to Goryoukaku again and on this week (3 May to 6 May 2015 ) is a good time for Sakura-flower, and I walk around Goryoukaku park for see Sakura-flower and many Japanese people and other counties people's activities in Goryoukaku park. It's very beautiful and wonderful!!! Please enjoy my photo every one, and See you again next time, I will come to tell a good story again next time. Thank you!!  

Bye bye...See you again every one , (^o^)/

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  1. Nice post. Thank for sharing your experience here.