Spring is the best season for traveling to Japan. In this season too, there is “Golden Week”, what is holiday for Japanese. Golden week usually runs a week, and so many people come to tourism places for refreshing. Beside, one of thing that most interesting is SAKURA. Sakura is identity of Japan. This flower just grows up in spring seasons. Generally, Sakura in Hokkaido sprout one month slow then other places in Japan such as Kyoto, Tokyo, Sendai, etc. so, we can see the Sakura in Sapporo, around last of April to the second week of May. In Sapporo so many places for Hanami. Such as:

Figure 1. Sakura in front of ISC Hokudai
Figure 2. Sakura in front of apartmen
Figure 3. Sakura at kita 14

Figure 4. Sakura at Kyudochou

Figure 5. Sakura around ISC Hokudai

Figure 6. Sakura aroun Moseum Hokudai
Besides Sakura, in Sapporo there are species of tulip. Tulip is flower from Holland, but it can grow in Japan. Even the number is not much, I think, it is enough to see event going to Holland. tulip has many colours. And we can find it around Sapporo. Based on my experience, the good places to see this flower is in Maruyama Park. 
Figure 6. Tulip at Maruyama Park

Figure 7. Tulip at Maruyama Park

Figure 8. Tulip at Maruyama Park

Figure 9. Tulip at Maruyama Park

Figure 10. Tulip at Odori Park

Figure 11. Tulip at Odori Park

         In additional, we also can find some kinds of flowers in Sapporo. Most of them have shapes and colours are beautilful. The flowers such as:
Figure 12. Pink Lilium at agriculture faculty of Hokuda

Figure 13 Yellow Lilium at agriculture faculty of Hokuda

Figure 14. Lupine Lupinus at Agriculture field of Hokudai

Figure 15. White Lilium at agriculture faculty of Hokuda

Figure 16. Himejion around agriculture faculty of Hokudai

Figure 17. Poppies around Homac

Figure 18. Himejion around Homac

Figure 18. Pansies around Homac

Figure 19. Around Homac, I don't know the name.

        I am very grateful for this moment. Spring has already given me many important  experiences and lessons about Japanese culture, Sakura and other flowers. I hope one day, I will meet again with spiring in Japan especially in Sapporo. Maybe for traveling or doctor course program. Amien.

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