Wonderful Hokkaido (part 1)

Do you know who the first Japanese astronaut is? The answer is Mamoru Mohri. He was born in Yoichi, a wonderful town in Hokkaido. Yoichi is not only famous due to birthplace of the first cosmonaut from Japan, but also it provides a lot of attractive things that are heavily recommended to experience.
In middle of June 2015, I and my lab mates had a chance to travel in west side of Sapporo. Yoichi is the first town that we visited. Located in on the southeastern of the Shakotan peninsula, Yoichi is close to some municipalities such as Otaru, Niki, Akaigawa, and Furubira. Additionally, it is also attributed to Nikka Whisky, a predominant alcoholic beverage in Japan. Furthermore, fresh fish-based foods are also the most interesting part in Yoichi. Fresh Salmon with a unique texture and white lines on the meat and salmon eggs (ikura) are indispensable. To taste this food, we visited Kakizaki, a combination of seafood restaurant and fresh fish market. Itokodon is a great menu here, although it is less famous than another fresh salmon-added food.