Autumn and Hokkaido University

My First Live Autumn Experience 

First post :D 

Hello everyone my name is Fitria Susilowati, UGM Master course student. Now in Japan they call me Fiti. Yep, you can also call me Fiti :) Anyway, nice to meet you. I am so grateful to be one of PARE member and visiting Hokkaido University for these 5 months. Last March I joined PARE Spring School 2015. It was held in IPB. Well, that was joyful and tearful 2 weeks, yet it was all memorable for me :D

2015 PARE Spring School IPB Indonesia
I decided to join PARE certificate Program for June admission since I found Okino Sensei Laboratory has the same field of interest with my research. Thankfully, I got a very warm welcome from Sensei. I am now in Hokkaido University. This is my first time visiting Japan.

Meet up again with our spring school friends here in Hokkaido (as we promise)

Actually 5 days ago -marks a month countdown till we flight down to Hokkaido. Yep, it’s been a month and guess what?? This is my first experience to have autumn season ^~^

Hokkaido University has it’s own beautiful scenery in autumn. Trees with various colors which I always wish to see. Well, this is my first experience to see so-called autumn-trees.

Ginkgo Avenue

Enjoying trees dressing up in red and yellow beautiful autumn leaves

On October 24 and 25, there was an event named "Golden Leaves Festival" in Ginkgo avenue. The yellow leaves of Ginkgo was lit up at night. It snowed on that day (the temperature seems to drop quite quickly in Hokkaido) but I still could enjoy the beauty of the autumn leaves ^~^

Golden Leaves Festival

I am fully grateful to see these spectacular scenery and colors right before my eyes. Thanks PARE. Thanks Hokkaido University.

Me, hijab, and autumn

Thanks for stopping by and see you in the next post ^~^


Location: Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan
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4 Responses to Autumn and Hokkaido University

  1. dan aku sdah membacanya,,,seneng banget liat senyum mu disana,,semangat fit..

  2. Kyknya kita sekampus yaa......hahaha.....

    1. iya ya tapi kok ga pernah ketemu hahaahha tersibukkan dengan lab masing2