HITI, Soil Science Society of Indonesia

Hello, PARE friends. In this post, I talk about Soil Science Society of Indonesia, Himpunan Ilmu Tanah Indonesia(HITI) from 28th to 31st Oct. The HITI was held at Brawijaya University in Malang, East Jawa. It took more than 28 hours from Bogor where I stay to Malang by bus. The path was very tough but tasty foods on my way had relieved my mind.
Jl. Ijen(Ijen street) in Malang

Me, Suwardi-sensei, Takeshi from Ehime Univ.

Waiting for opening ceremony
Bandung fish with sweet and spicy sauce, my favorite dish in this trip

HITI was the first time for me to attend conference. All presentations were given in Indonesian language therefore I hadn’t made my presentation but just observed it. I couldn’t understand the contents of presentations due to the language but I found two interesting things which made me surprised.

Lecture on peat land management
Oral session

The first is presentation focusing on not only research results but also education system of soil science in Indonesia. It suggested high interest of soil science in Indonesia.

The second is all participants took lunch together in the university and made a lot of noise dancing or singing together. All time in lunch time was always busy. After conference, some professors asked a band to play music and enjoyed the night with all together dancing or singing. It suggested the conference was the place not only for the exchange the information or knowledge on science but also for deepening the human interaction. All the participants seemed rather relaxed and having fun than being nervous.
Lunch time, very busy!

Enjoying singing at night

Through HITI, I still had things which I couldn’t understand Indonesian language but I recognized depth of soil science and that there were a lot of people who conducted research with approach which I couldn’t imagine. I thought I had to benefit from the people who work with joy taking care of human interaction. Thank you.

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