Life in IPB on February

   I'm Kaho Yasuda. I come from Hokkaido university to IPB. This is 5th day in IPB. Climate in tropics is too hard for me, but I still keep my health.
   Here, in IPB, almost all things are different and surprising. I will show some of them.

(1) Food
   I tryed some of Indonesian food. I feel Indonesian food is sweet or spicy. They don't have the middle taste. And they use much oil.
    I like spicy foods but sadly, my stomach doesn't accept their oil.... I have to adjust my stomach to Indonesian food.
    I also tryed Indonesian "Japanese food," so I'll show it below. The drink showed in photo is called "Teh-Manis." Teh means Tea and Manis does Sweet. This is one of  common drinks in Indonesia.

(2) Traffic 
    Students of IPB use motorcycle for moving around. So we can see many ones at Campus and traffic around IPB is heavy.

(3) People 
   Indonesian students are very powerful and talk frankly. I cannot imagine that in case of Japanese students.
   My supervisor in IPB introduced us his students and they take care of us kindly. It helps me practically and mentally. In this stay, I will encounter more students and others. I would like to take the chances as precious ones.

Tommorow, we will go to sampling. We can start our experiment next week. I'm looking forward that.

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