Diary of staying at IPB

  Hello, my name is Sota Nishi, Hokkaido University student. This is the first time blogging.
I participated PARE program and arrived at IPB at February 14th. Now, I stay at IPB for 8 days with good health and safety.

  This is the first time to go abroad, but I can feel relieved and enjoy this stay thank to the help of Indonesian friends, my senior student and friend came together. I would like to say thank you so much for them.

  The day before yesterday, we went to soil sampling in the teaching farm of IPB, palm field, teak forest and cassava field. We are taught the methods of soil sampling by Dr.Suwardi and took some soil samples for chemical analysis. These soils are be drying in the air-drying room. We will start soil analysis from tomorrow afternoon.
soil sampling and soil cross section

fruit fo dragon fruit and cross section of palm fruit
  There are many tropical plants in the teaching farm of IPB. We were surprised and interesting in these plants that first time we saw them. Look at the palm cross section picture. White one in the center of palm fruit is seed and orange one around the seed is fruit. Usually, palm oil is squeezed from fruit (orange one). Palm has the best oil extraction efficiency about 3000 kg oil / 1 ha. This corresponds to 5~10 times that of soybeans and sunflower. I felt amazing this fact.
  In addition, we visited Botanical Garden in Bogor "Kebun Raya Bogor". It was nice weather to walk, not so hot and not rainy day. There are not only tropical plants but also some exibition of Indonesian animals. I was interested in these plants and exibition.
  So really really to be lucky, we met Indonesia President Mr.Joko Widodo!! (Leave a note to publish photos) when we walk in KRB. We were very honored. God Bless for President...
Thank you for your attention.
See you next time.

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