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6th [Introduction to PARE] on July 27!!

Hello PARE members:)!! This is Mao from PARE central office!!
The 6th lecture at Introduction to PARE on July 27 was really intresting ;)!!
The lecture was [Groundwater and Geo-environment] by Professor Toshifumi Igarashi.

Students made groups and did excercises using Internet!
It was really interesting class to know the differences of water using with sharing each countriy's situation in Thailand, Indonesia, Kanada, Africa, and Japan.
Thank you so much for attending to the lecture, HU students and ITB students:)!!!

There was no afternoon class on that day,
and we will tell you when Dr. Izumi's lecture will be :)
I am so glad to see the students' wonderful relationship through the lecture:)!!!!

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[Introduction to PARE] on July 20 (sat)!!!

Good morning PAER members:)!!
After a break week on July 13th, the 5th lecture of Introduction to PARE was opened on July 20.
The title of lectures were the following;
[Famine and food satiation] by Dr. Takumi Kondo
[Human Impacts on Sediment Disasters] by Dr. Tomomi Marutani

That lecture was the first time to join a student from Chulalongcorn University( Thailand)
 so that the Internet lecture conncected
 Hokkaido University, Institut Technologi Bandung, and Chulalongcorn University. 
The discussion was so extiting, and students were so emotional to change their opinions with each!!
Thank you so much for attending to the lecture who come on that day!!!
We PARE central office staffs are really looking forward to seeing you again on July 27!!!!!

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Self introduction

Hi ! (Sawasdee ka) ^____^
This is Namfon Panjanapongchai. You all can called me Fond/Fon. I'm 1st year student under Master degree program from Biotechnology, Kasetsart University, Thailand.
I love to learn cultures from other countries and make friends with foreigners.
I'm very glad and feel very welcome to be friend with you all and tell you about my country, also my experiences.

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1013 PARE Students! Let's Introduce Yourself!!

Dear All PARE Students!
Hi:)! This is Mao from PARE central office at Hokkaido University.
I just invite New PARE students who join PARE program in 2013!!
Please introduce yourself, and let's share of your opinion and experiences from now
with other PARE students who are from Indonesia, Thailand, and Japan!!!!!!!!!!
I really hope this blog can help your communication better!!!!!!Best!!!

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4th lecture [Introduction to PARE] on July 6!

Good morning, PARE members:)!!!!!
The beautiful hot summer is coming, and  hope you are going to have many fun events!!!

On July 6, there was fourth lecture of [Introduction to PARE] at OIA in Hokkaido Univ.
The lectures were the following;
*[Risk and management of chemical substances] by Dr. Tatsufumi Okino
*[Environmental Pollution and Sustainability] by Dr. Shinichi Arai

Thank you so much for attending the lecture who coome to the class and ITB students:)!!!!!
Now, half of the program has been ended,
and we PARE Central Office really appreciated
for your great attending and efforts to study PARE!!!!!!Thank you!!!!!!
Next week will be no lecture, so please take a rest!
We are looking forward to seeing you again on July 20 at 9:30AM:)!!!!!

Best Regards,
Mao Watabe
PARE Central Office@HU

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Photos from Mr. Ishikura

Mr. Kiwamu Ishikura who are now researching at Bogor Agricultural University under PARE program sent photos to PARE Central Office and showed us great view of Indonesia!

The first photo is the view of Kerintji  City, Indonesia

The second photo is Mlanling Farm( Akashiya Plantatation for pulp), where
Mr. Ishikura went to examine. Beautiful weather and view:)!!

Thank you so much Mr. Ishikura,
and we are really glad to know you are having great studying and experiences there:)
We hope to hearing great voice from you again soon,
 and please take care of yourself in Indonesia:)!!!!!

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3rd [Introduction to PARE]@HU

Hello! All PARE Members!!
The 3rd Introduction to PARE lecture was hold by Hokkaido University on June29th(sat).
The titles were the following;
 [Pesticides and food additives: their critical roles and contributions in human life]
by Dr. Yasuyuki Hashidoko
and [Animal production: benefits and challenges facing human society]
 by Dr. Yasuo Kobayashi.
(from PARE Central Office: Ms. Satsuki Miyazaki)
Thank you so much for attending to the lecture,
and we are looking forward to seeing you in this saturday:)!!!

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Pre--departure Orientation Session on June27th

Dear PARE members with wish your happiness:)

On July 27th at 18:30-19:30,
there was [PARE Pre-departure Orientation Session] at Hokkaido University
for PARE students! (Hosting by PARE Central Office)
With using internet system, we could see and talk with 6 Universities which
join [intensive summer school] and[semester long] program.
The attending Universities are;
*Hokkaido University (Japan, Host)
*Bogor Agricultural University (Indonesia)
*Institut Teknologi Bandung (Indonesia)
*Universitas Gadjah Mada (Indosesia)
*Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)
*Kasetsart University (Thailand)
*Thammasat University (Thailand)
We are really glad to see all 6 university's PARE members! and
Thank you so much for tring to connect Internet even though it was a little comprecated!
We really look forward to seeing you soon and thank you for your kind support for PARE:)!

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