Self introduction

Hi ! (Sawasdee ka) ^____^
This is Namfon Panjanapongchai. You all can called me Fond/Fon. I'm 1st year student under Master degree program from Biotechnology, Kasetsart University, Thailand.
I love to learn cultures from other countries and make friends with foreigners.
I'm very glad and feel very welcome to be friend with you all and tell you about my country, also my experiences.

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17 Responses to Self introduction

  1. Hello Namfon Panjanapongchai a.k.a Fond, nice to know you and all PARE members.

    What's up, my name is Wahyu Muzammil. Just call me "Wahyu" :D
    I'm first year stuadent at Bogor Agricultural University Graduate School, Master degree program from Aquatic Resources Management, Indonesia.

    I'm very interest meet people in other country, all of the world. We can share anything and make friendship. Let's do something and make it better world :D #ganbatte

  2. sawasdee ka pond and halo mas wahyu salam kenal..
    nice to meet you too..
    my name is indra arifianto and you can call me indra.. I'm from indonesia, master program of geological engineering Gadjah Mada University in jogjakarta city..
    im very happy to participate this program, and see u all soon so we can share our experience..
    best regards..

    1. Hello Indra!
      Nice to meet you too
      im also happy to be part in this program ^^

  3. Hello friends,

    My name is Doddy Juli Irawan, from Graduate School of Environmental Science, Laboratory of Plant Ecology, Hokkaido University (Master Course, 1st year). My friends usually call me with Doddy or Dodz. Previously, I was graduated from Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Indonesia. During my study in Hokkaido University, I'm focusing my research on peat swamp forest associated with the dynamic forest disturbances.

    Greetings from Sapporo

    1. Hi Doddy!
      Nice to know you.
      My research is focus on producing and develop process of bio-fertilizer.

    2. nice to meet you! looking forward to meet you soon here in Sapporo!

  4. Dear All of PARE friends
    Pleased to meet everybody. ^__^ My name is Nadanong Seeoob. My nickname is Numthip or you can call me Thip, it’s shorter. I’m 2nd grade master degree student in Microbiology major at Kasetsart University, Thailand.

    I’m glad for attending this program and looking forward to see you all. I would like to learn and exchange about culture, environment research from your countries and also describe to you about my country. Last year, I had been to Hokkaido University for 35 days, I’m very happy to know that I will comeback to the nice and beautiful place again. ^__^

  5. Hi...
    My name is Adita Silvia Fitriana, please call me Dita. I come from Indonesia. I'm studying chemistry at Gadjah Mada University.

    It's my pleasure to see you.. :)

  6. Hi! All PARE members
    This is Anantita Sangsuriyawong. My nickname is Au. Pleased to know everybody.
    I'm 2nd grade master degree student in Fishery Products at Kasetsart University, Thailand. I'm very happy to participate this program, and see u all soon.

  7. Hi everyone
    My name is Phantiwa Thanomchaisanit you can call me "Numwan" from Thailand.
    I'm studying at Kasetsart University, Faculty of Fishery, Department of Marine Science.
    I'm very glad to be a part of this program.

    See you soon.

  8. Hi !! everyone. I'm Sarun Umpavan but you can call me "Aey" for short. I'm a master degree student from electronic and communication program, Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology, Thammasat University, THAILAND.

    It is my pleasure to meet you all here and to be a part of PARE program.
    I'm looking forward to see all of you guys soon : )

  9. Hi! ^^

    It is a pleased to meet you!. I am glad to write a little bit about myself.
    My name is Orawin Numnim. My nickname is Sine, so you can call me Sine. I am from Thailand. I am studying master degree in Department of Environmental Technology and Management, Faculty of Environment at Kasetsart University.

    I am looking forwards to seeing you soon! : )

  10. Hello....
    My Name is Muta Ali Khalifa..You can call me, Muta....I am Graduate Student from Aquatic Resources Management, Bogor Agricultural University.....
    I'm very pleased joint this course and meet you all....

  11. Hello everybody...

    My name is Lutviasari Nuraini, you can call me Via.
    I am graduate student from Department of Chemistry, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia :)

    I'm very happy to participate PARE program, we can share and inspire each other...
    I am looking forwards to seeing you soon..

  12. Hello everyone. My name is Nurcahyo Iman Prakoso. Cahyo is my nickname, but if you hard to say that, you can called me Iman also. I am Graduate student on Gadjah Mada University, Faculty of Mathematical and Natural Science, Department of Chemistry.

    My objective to join PARE program are: First, adding my knowledge related to environmental material science, especially total synthesis of natural product. This project includes the synthesis of natural product derivatives as well as natural product . I want to submit a good journal (Journal of Organic Chemistry or Chemistry-European Journal) with my name also after my synthesize done. Second, sharing my knowledge regarding local and national conditions in Indonesia . Third, I would like to know and learn more about Japanese culture including its language and people.

    Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to know more about my university and my country or all about me.

    best regards