[Introduction to PARE] on July 20 (sat)!!!

Good morning PAER members:)!!
After a break week on July 13th, the 5th lecture of Introduction to PARE was opened on July 20.
The title of lectures were the following;
[Famine and food satiation] by Dr. Takumi Kondo
[Human Impacts on Sediment Disasters] by Dr. Tomomi Marutani

That lecture was the first time to join a student from Chulalongcorn University( Thailand)
 so that the Internet lecture conncected
 Hokkaido University, Institut Technologi Bandung, and Chulalongcorn University. 
The discussion was so extiting, and students were so emotional to change their opinions with each!!
Thank you so much for attending to the lecture who come on that day!!!
We PARE central office staffs are really looking forward to seeing you again on July 27!!!!!

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