4th lecture [Introduction to PARE] on July 6!

Good morning, PARE members:)!!!!!
The beautiful hot summer is coming, and  hope you are going to have many fun events!!!

On July 6, there was fourth lecture of [Introduction to PARE] at OIA in Hokkaido Univ.
The lectures were the following;
*[Risk and management of chemical substances] by Dr. Tatsufumi Okino
*[Environmental Pollution and Sustainability] by Dr. Shinichi Arai

Thank you so much for attending the lecture who coome to the class and ITB students:)!!!!!
Now, half of the program has been ended,
and we PARE Central Office really appreciated
for your great attending and efforts to study PARE!!!!!!Thank you!!!!!!
Next week will be no lecture, so please take a rest!
We are looking forward to seeing you again on July 20 at 9:30AM:)!!!!!

Best Regards,
Mao Watabe
PARE Central Office@HU

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