Tarntip in Hokkaido

Hello everyone! My name is Tarntip WONGWAIPAIROTE but just call me Heinz. I am come from Kasetsart University, Thailand. My Field of study is Aquaculture, Faculty of fisheries. Today I will talk about what I have done in PARE summer school.

-Here is my group. Even we are come from different countries and different field of study. But we can work together and I would say this is the best group I ever had.

- We had many group discussion & presentation

- And also had many field trips.  

-View from Daisetsuzan asahidake mountain

- Collected sample from Chitose salmon hatchery.

-We went to Otaru on weekend. We had breakfast at Sankaku market.

I have a wonderful day with these guys :D
At Otaru aquarium

- End of my day with beautiful view and awesome friends.

Ramen Yokocho is famous place, you should go when you are in Sapporo

Until now, The PARE summer school ended but my story in Hokkaido is not over yet. I have moved to Hakodate. I will spend 5 month here. So to be continue....

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