My story in Hokkaido

   Hello everyone, This is my first time in Hokkaido and now, I am take a PARE program in Japan.I had some lecture and field trips to the some places in Hokkaido such as Ishikari Drainage canal, River Museum, Sosei River Wastewater Treatment Plant and Wastewater Science Museum, Historical village of Hokkaido, Chitose River, Asahidake, Chitose Salmon Aquariumetc.

River museum

Sosei River Wastewater Treatment Plant (1)

Sosei River Wastewater Treatment Plant (2)

Historical Village of Hokkaido

          Historical village of Hokkaido is an educational and fun experience of Japanese history where staff the past living days back. A setback is the in-house explanation is in Japanese only. However, the full village guide pamphlet in English is good enough to have an overview of the historical village.

Chitose Salmon Aquarium


            I had a field trip at Mt Asahidake. I took the rope-way up at here. The easy walking trail can be done in 1 hour. It is that beautiful I was so surprised and crazy happy to see. You can imagine how excited my little one was at the opportunity of having a little. The volcano on top of the alpine forest is most awe-inspiring and beautiful at the same time. What makes this unique are the surrounding mountains, the volcanic hot springs, and the alpine valley below. 

The force of nature makes you feel small here!

Hokkaido Jingu

          On my weekend, I woke up early in order to went to Hokkaido Jingu before I went to Otaru with my friends. I arrived there around 1.30 pm., there were many places such as Otaru Aquarium, Sankaku market, music box museum and Otaru canal. 

Sankaku market, Otaru

Otaru Aquarium

         In the Otaru Aquarium, I saw some shows from dolphin and seal and saw many animals. There were so cute, I love it so much.

Otaru Music Box Museum

         After that, I went to Otaru Music Box Museum, the building itself is already photo worthy and it feels pretty magical once inside. There are many many music boxes there but aren't cheap. Interesting to look around though. Spent about 30 mins in there before heading to Le Tao just across the street. I bought a Totoro music box that is so cute. And I also to Otaru canal for took some pictures. I hope to be back again in winter season.

Hokkaido University

         And I have to say good bye Sapporo and heading to Hakodate for 5 months. I think many things will waiting me in there. 

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