Start long-term in winter

      Hi, everyone. It has been 7 months I lived in Sapporo City, Hokkaido where I started my long journey. My name is “Somkiat Khamphuea” but Thai people also have a nickname, so please call me “Best (ベスト)”. PARE program is an excellent program which gives me a chance to study in Japan. I arrived Japan on 8 January 2015. 

At that time, it is a winter season for Hokkaido. I saw many snow and it is so beautiful. I did not get used to with cold season because Thailand is hot in every season. I remember that I feel like I was freezing but I love to challenge it. J

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This month started with my first course work, Introduction to PARE I. I would study with friends from different countries. I was so excited and really nervous. After a few classes I managed to speak and communicate with them and got so many experiences. Because we would have a discussion for each class. The discussion point was related to the topic of each lecture. We discussed in many aspect from different countries and majors. In order to achieve the goal of discussion, self-study was very important.

My dormitory was not far from university, just walk by few minutes. Hokkaido University prepared dormitory for me. I stayed at International Dormitory Kita 8 Higashi 2, Higashi-ku. This dormitory was very convenient. There were laundry room, kitchen, and common room for the students and it was near many shopping malls and convenient stores. Furthermore, cooking was fun.

                After I get used to with snow in Hokkaido, it is time to leave Hokkaido for a while. I attend the international conference in Kyushu. It was my first time travelling in Japan by plane. I feel like I was a Japanese. It was about last week of January, I already reserved a ticket heading to Fukuoka. There was unexpected event occurred before I left Hokkaido, it was storm. My flight was cancelled due to bad weather. I was so nervous but the ground staffs were so kind they reserved a new ticket for me and the schedule was change to the next day. As a ryugakusei student, there was a JR Kyushu pass. It was very useful ticket to travel around north Kyushu on 3 or 5 days. I had been to Jigoku onsen, and Yufuin.

I came back to Hokkaido and continue courses work. After the end of this course some Indonesia friend had to leave Japan because they completed the courses. Thank you to them for sharing idea and knowledge that made me more experience and fun. I also went to Snow Festival. It is a famous event in Hokkaido. There is a contest and participants are from many countries. I saw a large number of splendid snow and ice sculptures lining Odori Park, the grounds at Community Dome Tsudome.

I will continue posting my long journey.

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  1. I'm going to PARE program so soon. Is it so much problem in everyday communication if I cannot speak Japanese??