Jojo’s Diary : May Part 2_Jojo Love the Earth

Hi! Minna ^^

              In May 15th, I sent abstract to attend the conference for my graduation. This conference is "The 13th International Symposium on East Asian Resources Recycling Technology (EARTH 2015)". It will be organized during 1st – 4th November 2015 at PATTAYA, Thailand. The event is organized by my department "Department of Mining and Petroleum Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand". My topic is "Effects of Copper Wires on the Recovery of Valuable Metals and Plastics from Crushed Small Home Appliances by Jig Separation" in the scope of "Recycling  and Utilization of Wastes, including industrial wastes, e-wastes, end-life vehicles, municipal solid wastes, etc." 

                In the end of this month, my juniors from my department in Thailand will go to my lab. and my division to be the internship students for about 2 months and one of them will be the PARE student in my lab. like me and he will stay from June 2015 - February 2016. 
             From now, I have only two to stay here. I am so sad to left every thing here but I will do every day here to be my best day.

To be continued…

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