"A Week In Sapporo"

         Hello every one, my name is Mohammad Fikri Pomalingo, you can call me Fikri. I am Master Course Student of Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture Technology, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Indonesia. This is my first story in this blog. I hope the reader will enjoy with my articles. 
          29 march 2015, I arrived in Sapporo. Everything looks different. I understood, the day, I would start new life, getting new friend, new place and new campus. It is the first experience of me to live in Japan, studying abroad and feeling new atmosphere that different then Indonesia. There are some experiences what made me happy, such as to see the snow directly and to feel 4OC temperature in last winter season.
Figure 1. Snow around Sapporo

         In my journey from Chitose airport to Sapporo with train, I saw the view of Sapporo is beautiful. In some area, there are some piles of snow that were melting, and also so many trees without leaf what nice and natural to be seen. Beside, the other things what made me surprised is about the architecture of Japanese house. Most of them are same, the shape is unique, small, and without fence. 
 Figure 2. Houses in sapporo
      The next day, I had to meet and greet with my adviser,  friends and academic staffs of Crop Production Engineering Division. When I got in the main gate of Hokkaido University, I surprised. I saw so many piles of snow, and very beautiful then before. I said to my supporter to help me for taking some pictures. Because it was the first experiences of me, to take a picture with snow.
 Figure 3. Snow at Hokkaido University

       Some days later, when I was doing my homework, I saw so much beautiful particles in out side coming down. The particle is white like a cotton. But at the time, I just continued to do my homework. Some minutes later, the particle became much, and my friend said to me, Fikri-san, it is snow, have you ever seen it before?, I am surprised, and I went out side for taking a video and some pictures about that. I am happy, because before I came to japan, some Japanese student said, if I will go last march, I just will get the snow will melting, and not snowfall. But at the time I got the snowfall, and I am glad and grateful about it. Thank You so Much for PARE Program.

Figure 4. The snowfall


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